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Update 11/06/10

sikekiz, Nov 6, 10 11:19 AM.
Hey all. Sorry I haven't updated in so long. I'l try and make an effort from now on to update at least once a week. 

-Our guild roster is now up-to-date

-Our guild bank page is up-to-date

-I have made changes to a few of our guides.
    -The guild ranking system was completely reworked
    -The guild bank has made some changes, including a new bank tab, and a updated policy on depositing.
    -We have formed a guide as a reference to who our guild leaders are. 


sikekiz, Sep 9, 10 10:56 PM.
-Our Ventrilo server is now live! Please check our forum post for information.

-We have opened a new bank tab! Our third tab is for consumable items such as foods and potions!

-I have opened a post in the members forums asking for your opinions on what we should do with our three remaining tabs. please give me your ideas and feedback. You must be registered as a member to access this post.

-For all members who have not done so, register!! This will give you access to the member forums and allow you to see the post mentioned above. (I will have to approve your account after registering, so make sure you include your characters name when signing up.)

New stuff

sikekiz, Sep 7, 10 8:35 AM.
Please keep an eye on this forum. I add post to it periodically, as it is information you may find useful.

Also if you haven't signed up for the website DO SO NOW.

Sign up!

sikekiz, Sep 2, 10 3:48 PM.
All members who haven't done so already: please sign up to this site!
Make sure to include the name of the main character in CC, so I know who you are.

After signing up I will receive a message that will allow me to give you access to the members forums, as well as access to private messaging.

Also please check out the Rules, Regulations, and Systems forums!

For your information

sikekiz, Sep 2, 10 1:23 AM.
The guild website is still under heavy construction.
Please bear with me as I get everything set up.
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